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May 2015



CAPE NORTH WEST in Parga Greece

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To all my Europeen friends . If you have enough from cold weather in Europe take a flight to Preveza (Niki fly direct from Vienna) and than take a taxi or rent a car. Parga is just about 30 km


I found Cape North West on the beach of Ormos Valtou

Opens in may until mid September. NEVER go there July and August,but May to mid of June and begin of September it is paradise, because alone.



they also rent rooms. choose the tent .



airconditioned, television, nice bathroom

P1030565P1030552they have also a very nice restaurant.


The perfect place just for being on the beach, reading a good book and enjoying the sun, while the rest of Europe is freezing.





March 2015



ADIDAS by Pharell Williams

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Pharrel Williams cooperate with Adidas for the first Adidas Originals xPharrell Williams collection expected

to be launched this summer.

I am so HAPPY looking at this rang of colors



March 2015




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woman of the world

All around the world, International Women’s Day represents an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality.

There is still a long way to go. There are even countries where the rights for women regress.


The only country where women are not allowed to drive and until now, had no rights to vote


54 % of women with children don’t work due to unaffordable daycare facilities.


every 20 minutes a woman is raped and sexual abused


After the law women have the same rights than men, but still earn less money

and still are minority in high level positions.


In some of those countries they still practice female genetal mutilation

In Egypt for example, a man would not marry an uncircumcised woman, because it makes her smart and calm

It has been estimated by UNICEF that 8000 or more girls per day are being forced to undertake FGM


200 million girls have been killed in china due to the one child policy


The list is never ending………..and still a long way to go before women are equal to men

In the name of religion, politic, society , fanatic , women are still maltreated all over the world

Without women , would be no men in this world !!

So every woman that has the chance to live free should help a woman in the world, that is in need.

Lets think about and act

Happy Women’s SunDay







March 2014




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All I found about meaning and symbolism of Poppy Flowers

I made some photos of this floral beauty

One of my favorite Flower for her colors and the way you can watch them blooming

These thoughts on the meaning of poppy symbolism is inspired by a dram, which is pretty uncanny as the poppy is a symbol of Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams.

I love this association. If you’ve ever seen a poppy in its process of growth, you’ve observed just before blooming, the bud hangs its head – heavy with the promise of blossom. In fact, the cocooned bud seems to droop in somnolence, as if enchanted or perhaps the bud is pregnant with floral dreams.


Most of us are familiar with the hypnogogic (hallucinogenic/narcotic) properties of the poppy. From the Chinese poppy opium is derived. The ancient Greeks understood this, and so we see another link to Morpheus and poppy symbolism.

Morpheus lived in his own world – a world of dreams, fantasy and completenonadherence to traditional reality. He was destined to live here and rule the realms of dreams – it was in his genes. He was born from “night” – his mother is Nix, the goddess of night and dark creations. Morpheus’ dad is Hypnos the deific governor of sleep.

To me, this speaks of the potential found in unconventional reality andmessages wafting up through our dreams like a sweet fragrance – waiting to be recognized.


Poppies are also sacred to Demeter who was said to concoct an infusion of poppies (like a tea) in order to sleep through her sorrow while Persephone was absent. The theme of sleep is carried through as Persephone’s cyclical excursions to the underworld were timed with the seasons. She would leave her mother Demeter in the winter to join her husband, Hades. Her absence marked the winter, her submersion in the underworld signifies a kind of “closing the shutters” and slumber in the cycle of life.


InChinese symbolism, the poppy represents rest, beauty and success. However, its associations with opiate-induced stupors also lend meanings of sloth, dependence and an inability to temper pleasure with the banalities kicked up by living a pragmatic life. Honest masters know enlightenment is induced from within and through a connection with the infinite. Dependence upon external substances/influences to lift the veils of illusion is considered a lazy approach to enlightenment.


In Christianity, poppy symbolism is recruited to represent death as a period of tranquil slumber. This association is seen in metaphor as the red petals of the poppy symbolize the blood of a sacrificed Christ. Themes of resurrection and immortality (salvation of the soul) blossom as the poppy (and the spirit) never really die, just renew and ascend.





December 2013




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new year 2013

A year ends and the same second it ends, a new one begins, and thats exactly

THE TIME  I would like to reflect on.


I have the feeling that the years go by faster and faster, yet, they all go by at the same pace.


In seconds, minutes and hour intervals, however you perceive them all differently.

How long can one minute be, when waiting upon something and how fast does it go by

in everyday life.


Time is something so precious, it always goes on, never stops; we can’t undo anything

and with that in mind, we should use our time, the time we have, very wisely.


Taking the time to take in moments and people will be my “new resolution” for 2014

Taking time, isn’t that the true luxury ?


I have spend amazing moments with great people this year.

I have met people, that changed but also enriched my life.

I have experienced nature in the incredible and magnificent intensity that it offers.


There have been many hours that made life worth living


I want to wish you all an amazing New Year

May we take time together and enjoy blissful moments and let them turn into

wonderful memories.


Never stop dreaming, stay a kid at heard and always believe that there is a happy ending.

May your wishes come true


Happy New Year

To a good and exciting 2014