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March 2015



Sunday is OMI Day

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P1010334 ava jacke

I made this jacket for Ava with wool from Bergere and I used needles number 5 (european)

I will try to give you this explanation in english, its a real challenge !!

the jacket is for 3 month

I knitted with wool “eclair Tornade” 23923 from Bergere de France

2 wool hank

1 paire knitting needels n0 5

2 buttons

2 snap button



47 mesh and knit in garter stitch

decrease on each side 3 times 1 m every 8 rows

when you reach 13 cm, for the sleeves, binding off on each sides every 2 row 1 time 2 m

and 2 times 1 m

at 24 cm total hight binding off the 33 left m

The Right Front

31 mesh and knit in garter stitch and decrease on left side 3 times 1 m ever 8 rows

at 13 cm total high, for the sleeves, binding off on the left side every 2nd row: 1 time

2m and 2 times 1 m.

at 16 cm total high, for the collar, binding off on the right side every 2nd row:

1 time 4m, 1 time 3m,3 times 2m,and 3 times 1m

at 24 cm total high binding off the 8m left.

the Left Front is the same only the other way round


32 m knit in garter stich

and increase on each side:4 times 1m every 10 rows

16cm total high decrease every 2nd row: 1 time 3m

1 time 2 m,

6 times 1m and 1 time 2m and than the 14m left








March 2015



OMI the austrian Grandma

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I became a Omi beginning of December last year and it was such a special moment in my life.

To see my daughter holding her new born baby in her hands is such a emotional strong moment!!

Was it not yesterday my daughter was still my baby?

And thats how a new chapter of my life started.

I learned from my mother how to knit and so I decided to do for my little Ava her first


Knitting  also provided a newfound sense of  creativity. Immersed in brilliant colors, textures,

and images of beautiful baby clothes I found a new way of meditation.

Nothing more easy and funny than  to knit for a new born.

Here my first work





I used wool from Bergere de France

Teddy Argent

and the bonnet and sleepers are made from

LANG Yarns

Merino 150



My  SON NOGUERA Clutch is the best place to storage all my accessories .