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June 2013



Classic Chevs and Old-Timer Cemetery

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old chevs

I am absolutely NO CAR FREAK but this place is something ! Dad why you haven’t kept your american cars!!!

I am proud to be the first to write about this place, as a french photographer, that passed a week ago, is making a book about this place.

On my way from Page to Bryce Canyon I passed the little town of Glendale.

There is living Mr.William D.Spencer.

On his card you can read: D7e CAT, Backhoe,Old Cars, Classic Chevs, Tree Falling

William is looking like a movie star and has the most amazing collection of old american cars or better what is left.old chevs,old-timer


He loves, when people stop and he can talk about his passion: chevrolet

Exceptionally I was allowed to sit in his

Old chevs

chevs and old timer


even the Beach Boys made a song

The “409” of the song is the Chevrolet 409, a 409 cubic inch W-series V8 engine popular with “hot rodders”

of the time. Gary Usher, who wrote the majority of the lyrics for the song dreamed at that time of one

day owning a Chevrolet 409.

Willy has fulfilled his dream and many more.

When he told me that they are all OK, just some spare parts and they are on the road again !!

I let you be judge:

old chevs

old chevs



old chevs

old chevs

old chevs

old chevs


I close my eyes and he is right, i can see them …..on the road….was there not Frankie in the car?

As I always say: as long as you have dreams the journey goes on


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