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June 2013



NAVAJO Indiens – my discovery

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navajo indiens

The Navajo Indians are the largest federally recognized Native American Indian tribe in the United States. Their reservation is spread out through out the four corners of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.
They were a small band of warriors who created an unbreakable code from the ancient language of their people and changed the course of modern history.What I really did not know:

KNOWN AS NAVAJO CODE TALKERS, they were young Navajo men who transmitted secret communications on the battlefields of WWII. At a time when America’s best cryptographers were falling short, these modest sheepherders and farmers were able to fashion the most ingenious and successful code in military history. They drew upon their proud warrior tradition to brave the dense jungles of Guadalcanal and the exposed beachheads of Iwo Jima. Serving with distinction in every major engagement of the Pacific theater from 1942-1945, their unbreakable code played a pivotal role in saving countless lives and hastening the war’s end.

and than there are this wonderful , breathtaking caves

To older Navajos, entering a place like Antelope Canyon was like entering a cathedral. They would probably pause before going in, to be in the right frame of mind and prepare for protection and respect. This would also allow them to leave with an uplifted feeling of what Mother Nature has to offer, and to be in harmony with something greater than themselves. It was, and is, a spiritual experience.

antilope canyon


antilope canyon


antilope canyon

and after all I met Wally Brown

wally brownWally is a Native American, this kind of person you cross once in a lifetime and you will never forget

He transmet all the spirit of Navajo culture and you can t stop listening ……I hope I will meet him again

As a central concept within the Navajo, it “expresses the intellectual concept of order, the emotional state of happiness, the moral notion of good, the biological condition of health and well- being, and the aesthetic dimensions of balance, harmony, and beauty”

Everything in this world is based on the holly  number four.

4 directions

4 holly mountains

4 colors

4 goals in life is having joy,happiness, confidence and peace

on this we will work all our life and if there would be more Wallys in this world the achievement would be easier.







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