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June 2013



Redwood-Giant Trees

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I left Napa Valley today and went direction North on Highway 101 and I didn’t know at all what I am going to see.
After about 3 hours drive I entered in a forest. But WHAT a forest!!!!

There have been giant trees. I was in Redwoods.


The more I entered in the forest the bigger the trees got and you felt like entering a fairy tale.


The coast redwood region is a narrow strip of land extending 450 miles from southern Oregon to about 150 miles south of San Francisco, with by far the greatest concentrations of redwoods occurring in Humboldt County.

These coniferous trees are the tallest in the world, commonly reaching heights of more than 367 feet tall ( 111,2 meter) ,has a diameter up to 22 feet (6.7. meters) and the weigh up to 1.6 million pound ( The oldest known redwood is estimated to be 2,200 years


I was really a little bit upset that just today it was foggy and cold until i found out that fog is part of this ecosystem . It’s vital for these tall redwoods as fog transports water to the highest reaches of these tall trees doted with a shallow root system.

Coastal fog also provides up to one-third of their annual water needs.

I was reading that only 10% of these ancient redwoods survived. Well, after the discovery and then the decline of gold along the Trinity River located within the redwoods park, many jobless miners turned toward harvesting and destroying these ancient trees since there was no law enforcing the protection of these unique trees! Unfortunately, Redwood National Park was only created in 1968, by which time nearly 90% of the original redwood trees had been logged.

“God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods.
But he cannot save them from fools”.


This was one of my most incredible experiences with nature, where you really can see and feel how tiny we humans are .





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