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December 2013




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new year 2013

A year ends and the same second it ends, a new one begins, and thats exactly

THE TIME  I would like to reflect on.


I have the feeling that the years go by faster and faster, yet, they all go by at the same pace.


In seconds, minutes and hour intervals, however you perceive them all differently.

How long can one minute be, when waiting upon something and how fast does it go by

in everyday life.


Time is something so precious, it always goes on, never stops; we can’t undo anything

and with that in mind, we should use our time, the time we have, very wisely.


Taking the time to take in moments and people will be my “new resolution” for 2014

Taking time, isn’t that the true luxury ?


I have spend amazing moments with great people this year.

I have met people, that changed but also enriched my life.

I have experienced nature in the incredible and magnificent intensity that it offers.


There have been many hours that made life worth living


I want to wish you all an amazing New Year

May we take time together and enjoy blissful moments and let them turn into

wonderful memories.


Never stop dreaming, stay a kid at heard and always believe that there is a happy ending.

May your wishes come true


Happy New Year

To a good and exciting 2014




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