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March 2014



MY DETOX preparation

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After a very bad flu, i feel just so tired that i decided to start my DETOX.

I have not been eating meat since 3 days and  no alcohol since one week.

Tomorrow is going to be DAY ONE.

I decided to eat on DAY ONE

only veggie soups. I prefer cooked vegetables to start with ,

like this the digestion system has less to work and I feel less hungry.



I prepared a GREEN SOUP

Broccoli – Spinach – Leek – Chard – Parsley


Curcuma – Juniper – Cardamom -Sea Salt – Hidziki Algea



and than I made a ORANGE SOUP

Carrots (all kind and color) – Celery tuber – Leek – Kidney Beens


Cumin – Ginger – Curcuma – Fennel – Mandarin peel – Sea Salt


I always give my soup in the blender. I love the creamy texture .


I always use only organic products and take very much care about quality!!!

I will eat only 3 times a day and always have 5 hours between. ( haha i will try!!!)

It will help me a lot ,since i decided to share with you my experience as I am everything than disciplined .









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