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April 2013



The Collection Rosengart

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collection rosengart


Since I live in Switzerland, i want to go to Luzern to discover the Collection Rosengart.

I went to Luzern and spend one of this unforgettable moments.

Already when I entered the museum a very nice lady told me to start with the movie.

I will see afterwards the paintings with different  eyes.

She said, I did.

The art dealer Siegrfied Rosengart was born 1894 in Munich, Germany and died 1985 in Luzern.

With his  uncle Joseph, also art dealer, Siegfried made his first steps into art. 1920 he opened an art gallery in Luzern.

Daughter Angela, started to work with his father , when he fell sick and she made a replacement job and  stayed.

She was 16 years old and had already the virus of art.

The center of gravity of the collection is Picasso and Klee

but also paintings from the impressionist :Cezanne, Monet, Pissarro, Renoir,Seurat,

as well as  Modigliani,Soutine,Matisse, Braque, Leger, Kadinsky, Miro.

200 Photos from Picasso made by David Douglas Duncan.

When you listen during the 35 minutes movie Angela Rosengart telling all the stories behind each painting,

about  the visits in Picassos atelier , Paul Klee, Chagall…..all friends of father and daughter.

Angela tells the story about the first Klee she bought when she was 6 years old.

After the death of Klees widow 1947, Siegfried Rosengart had the exclusive sale rights of  Klees legacy  in Switzerland.

So little Angela, called ” X-chen ”  by a friend of the family , like one of Klees drawings, was helping to register,

measure, frame all these  Klee’s paintings, preparing an exposition. When her father asked her to choose one

drawing for the invitation card , she choose X-chen .  She was already in love with this drawing, which

was so muchlike her. Her father suggested her to ask the administrator of legacy , if she could buy X-chen.

Angela did, the administrator asked her, how much money she get for her work and so she bought

for her 50 Franken  monthly pay, her first piece of art:

X-chen from Paul Klee .

That was the beginning of an amazing Collection.

Although her father always said: we don’t have a Collection, we only have  beautiful paintings.

One day, when father and daughter went to the Cote d’azur to visit their friends,Picasso and Matisse they also

visited  Chagall in his Studio. He was just painting a very huge piece of art. Chagall said to Siegfried:

” I am so unhappy, I don t know if this painting is finished or if i should continue painting?”

Siegfried had a quick look on the painting and said he should not touch anything anymore, that the painting

is perfect and everything more would ruin it. Chagall was so happy about Rosengarts answer, that he took his

palette , signed it and offered it :

pour Rosengart-Marc Chagall 1958

collection rosengart

Each painting has his story and when the DVD was finished I had almost tears in my eyes.

I said to myself ” this is what I call a fulfilled life:

Meeting all this interesting people , having a passion that fulfill  all your life and then making this wonderful

museum, allowing  people, interested in paintings to share this lifetime achievement and being a part

of the stories.

I can only make a reverence , saying my high esteem to this wonderful lady, Angela Rosengart ,

that made this day to one of those very special moments of my life.

I spent hours in the museum, admiring the paintings, and in my imagination

i was in the atelier of Picasso,Chagall…….


collection rosengart


collection rosengart




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